Know Your Roof: What Are the Best Materials to Use in the Roofing Trade?

In the roofing industry, knowing your stuff is vital. After all, roofs are an important component on any home or business. Providing the customer with the proper roofing information is important. If you provide the wrong advice about what they should use, you could cause structural damage. This is costly for the client. What is more, it can damage your hard-earned reputation.

Know your roof. It’s vital to your success.

Let’s find out more about the current and best materials in the roofing trade.

A Roof is an Investment

When you are supplying your services to a company or individual, you need to know what is best for them. What is best suited to their structure? How will their roof work for them? Many people think that a slate roof is a one size fits all solution. This could not be further from the truth. A roof is a massive investment. So, knowing the difference between them is important in the construction industry. Providing the right roof is imperative to your success and your client’s happiness.

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Business Solutions

For business clients and commercial properties, the world of roofing is different. Business owners don’t want glitz and glamour. They want practical and hard wearing roofs that will stand the test of time.

If you are dealing with a commercial client, there are options that you can offer.

According to Roofing Katy TX, you should aim to provide commercial clients with a corrugated roofing option. This is low cost, versatile and suited to most buildings. It’s a great roof of choice. But, it’s easy to fit too. Warehouse and places of industry are best suited with this kind of roofing solution. Offices may want glass roofs or plastic roofing. This is to give their business the wow factor. But, corrugated materials are cheap. They can be painted to suit the tone and style of the building. It’s durable and suitable for all kinds of industries.

Domestic Roofing Solutions

Natural Roofing

Natural roofing is an obvious choice for domestic clients. Natural roofing materials are cost efficient. They are long lasting and durable. But, they also ensure that the house has pizzazz.


Wood is an obvious choice for many. Hardwoods provide a long life guarantee. The lifespan of a hardwood roof is over 50 years. But, wood is also a fire hazard. If a client is insistent on having a hard wood roof, check the local laws. Wood can be an elegant choice for a domestic client. But, it’s a hazardous choice too.


Slate is a popular choice. It looks the part, and it guarantees a long life span. If your client is keen on a slate roof, it’s vital that you tell them about the costs associated with slate. Slate is one of the most expensive roofing solutions on the market.


Rubber roofing is cheap. It’s an excellent solution to have if your client is on a budget, but wants long lasting results. Rubber roofing has a lifespan of 70 years. It’s a cheap but durable alternative. The best thing about rubber roofing solutions is that they can be affixed and moulded to any home. There are no, known, regulations about using this kind of material either.

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