Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction

Be it a residential construction or a commercial construction, it is very important to plan strategically. There are different kinds of constructions that needs be treated in different manner.

All kind of constructions are done by engineers and architects the execution is performed by builders who further hire subcontractors for electrical, mechanical, structural and other area of expertise work.

Below are some of the kinds of constructions:


Industrial construction includes construction for corporations such as medicines, power generation, manufacturing, petroleum, etc.


Highway construction involves construction and repair of highways, roads, paths, streets, alleys, runways, parking areas, pedestrian etc.


Residential construction projects include apartments, houses, townhouses, cottages condominiums, single unit dwellings and subdivisions.

Commercial and Institutions buildings

Institutional construction includes variety of constructions of different sizes and types such as retail stores, schools, light manufacturing plants, major shopping centers, clinics, stadiums and sports facilities, skyscrapers, hospitals, hotels, universities, warehouses offices.

Heavy Construction

Heavy construction projects includes dams, sewage, water and sewer line projects, water treatment, flood control projects, plants and facilities.

Critical Construction

It requires high-end construction skills. It involves chemical processing plants, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, steel mills.

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