How The Smart People Are Attracting Buyers And Selling Their Homes In Weeks

If you are trying to sell your home quickly, there are some tricks you could employ. Those who do so enjoy a fast and trouble free sale so that they can move house and get on with the rest of their lives. Some would call it common sense, but there are many people who seem to be lacking in it. If your house has been on the market for a couple of years and had plenty of viewings, something must be wrong. Take a critical look around the property to see if you can identify the problem. Sometimes it is difficult to see the obvious issue when you are familiar with the place.

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If you intend to move into temporary accommodation while you build a house with the proceeds of your old one, you need the money. Here are some top tips to help you sell your home swiftly.

First Impression

When people arrive at your house, they will create a first impression. Whether it is right or wrong, it will change the way they view the rest of the property. It will either put them in a positive or negative state of mind. The exterior of your home must be faultless. Here are some areas where you should concentrate your efforts.

  • The front door must be attractive and welcoming. If it is old and damaged, buy a new one. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it; select one from your local DIY store and fit it yourself. It is easy if you use the old one as a template for the size and location of the hinges, etc. Coat it with high-gloss paint or varnish and install some new furniture.
  • The garden must be neat and tidy. Scrub the paths clean with a stiff brush or a pressure washer and weed the borders. You must also cut the grass and edge it.
  • Check the paintwork on the windows if the frames are of wood. It doesn’t take long to scrape off old flakey paint and apply a new coat.
  • Is the guttering in excellent condition? It doesn’t look good if it is sagging because of the weight of grass growing in there. Clean it out or replace it if you must. It doesn’t cost a lot of money or take much time to install new gutters.

Now that the exterior is in order, it is time to take care of the interior.


Whether you are moving in Austin Texas or Dallas, move some of your belongings into temporary storage. It will make you home look spacious and airy. When you accomplish that, try these tips.

  • Remove the smells from the carpets and curtains with bicarbonate of soda. It is particularly important if you have dogs. Bad smells repel people.
  • Deep clean the kitchen and bathroom. They are the places people inspect in detail.
  • Paint the walls with a cheap emulsion. You only need to use cheap matt paint to make the place look fresh.

With these tricks, you can’t fail to sell your home quickly. Your home will look pleasant and welcoming to visitors. It isn’t worth fitting a new bathroom or kitchen; people like to upgrade the building themselves. It is a way of stamping their personality on it. If your home has proven difficult to sell, give my ideas a try. You might be surprised by the result.

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