Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Bathroom Taps

With a vast number of choices for bathroom designs, a simple bathroom tap with two handles for hot and cold water can stand out like a sore thumb in an otherwise hi-fi designed bathroom. Homeowners need to know that taps can make or break the looks of a bathroom. Bathroom taps can last longer periods if chosen widely. This will enhance the cleanliness of the basin. You can say this one is a small change offering big results.

Materials for Bathroom Taps

Brass and chrome are tow materials used for the bathroom taps. These are considered as ‘efficient’ for the bathroom as they do not conduct any heat from the water. Chrome is one material which can blend well with different bathroom designs. Though brass is considered a classy choice it is difficult for these taps to blend well with all the styles and designs of a bathroom.


Ensuring the Right Handle for the Tap

Some of the most commonly used handles for the bathroom taps are listed to help you.

  • Molded Grip: This is made of one piece of solid steel or plastic. The rounded designs are available with square shaped panels assisting the grip. The grip is not all that efficient as compared to the other styles. It is due to this reason that these are commonly used as sink taps and not bath taps.
  • Lever: These are apt for the bathrooms that are designed in a modern way. The handles are used normally for taps with a dual flow system. This type of handles in taps are a preferred choice among multiple homeowners for a combination of hot and cold water. With this kind of a provision, the requirement of the person is easily met.
  • Hand wheel: The taps with the hand wheel handles have four handles which are small to assist in turning the tap on and off. These handles are available in different materials, styles, and shapes. Installation of the taps with these handles is very easy.

Different Choices of the Taps

  • Mono Bloc Mixer: In the case of you want the water pressure to be on the lower side this is your ideal choice. These taps are designed by using a combination of the two handled mixers and the single lever.
  • Single Lever Mixer: With these taps, you can adjust the pressure of water and also the temperature. These are apt for low as well as the high pressure of water. Besides the domestic bathrooms, these tend to be apt for commercial outlets.
  • Basin Taps: The basin taps work ideally for the low water pressure. This is a combination of two holed basins, separate for the cold water and for the hot. As they are simple in design these can blend well with all types of bathroom designs.

Knowing the different types of taps available makes it gets easier for the homeowner to make the right choice. If the case of any confusion, you can seek the help of a professional designer. It is of no use spending a huge package on designing a bathroom when the mismatched taps will spoil the looks.


You have the option of checking the different types of taps online. There are multiple websites that offer different choices. You can also check out the ratings and reviews of specific tips before opting for one. This can ensure not only the price but also the quality of tap provided by the specific supplier. Even replacement of taps can be done using taps of a high quality so that can be durable and last longer.

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